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There are two types of QPGA members:

Active members (growers)

Any individual who operates an agricultural business involving fresh fruits or vegetables or other horticultural products.

Affiliate member

Any individual or organization interested in the QPGA activities.


   Over 12.4 acres
50% for 2 years
Under 12.4 acres
75% for 2 years
Grower member364 $ + tx. /year182 $ + tx. /year*91 $ + tx. /year*
Affiliate member468 $ + tx. /year  

Contribution valid from October 1st to September 30th of each year
* You only pay one year at a time. An invoice for the same amount will be issued to you for the second year.

Membership Application

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We will mail you an invoice for the corresponding membership fees. Once we’ve received your payment, we will send you a membership welcome package.


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As a member of the APMQ, you must be a member of the following two organizations, or one of them, at no additional cost:

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Indiquer (le plus précis possible) les produits cultivés et leur superficie (acres).

The APMQ publish the information of its members (with the exception of Acreage per crop type and the number of employees) on the corporate site of the APMQ and on the site for promotional purposes.

* Confidential information