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Place des producteurs

Please take note that starting Spring 2020, La Place des Producteurs will be located at 9230, Pie-IX Blvd., Montreal.

Place to a better Place :

  • 100% refrigerated
  • Open 24/7
  • Easy access for any type of vehicle
  • Local producers, wholesalers, importers and exporters

Only "2 stops & 2 lights" out of Metropolitan boulevard.
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Located in the heart of Montreal’s Marché central on Métropolitain and L’Acadie, the Place des producteurs is Eastern Canada’s largest produce wholesale market. Although this hub for Quebec-grown fruit and vegetables is open year-round as a base for its wholesalers, it is a particularly bustling hive of activity during the growing season. During these peak months, the market hosts more than 150 growers selling an impressive array of top-quality products.

The Place des producteurs caters to the needs of retailers, wholesale distributors, public markets, restaurants and public-sector institutions throughout Quebec, as well as in eastern Ontario and the Maritimes.

The growing season in Quebec starts in May, with the sale of annual flowers of every colour and description, and extends as far into October as Mother Nature allows.

A visit to the Place des producteurs during peak season is an experience like no other.

Interested in learning more? Come join your fellow growers at the Place des producteurs. Call us, drop by or fill out our online application in the Growers Zone.

Adresse Complète

905 rue du Marché-Central

Montréal (QcH4N 1K2


(514) 387-8319

Marché des jardiniers La Prairie

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, the Marché des jardiniers La Prairie is bound to win you over with its unique charm, its attractive selection of products and its friendly, knowledgeable vendors. Looking for variety, freshness and quality? Look no further! In addition to a wide range of annual and perennial flowers, you’ll find fruits, vegetables, nuts, butcher and deli meats, sausages, fish, baked goods, cheese, ice cream, crepes and artisanal products for every taste. Come be a part of the Marché des jardiniers experience. Your first trip won’t be your last!

Adresse Complète

1200 chemin de Saint-Jean

La Prairie (QcJ5R 2L7


(514) 387-8319